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Car Porn Deluxe-" Falken-er"edition - Go-Pro HD around Laguna Seca

Some great HD footage around Laguna Seca in the Falken Tires Porsche 911GT3 RSR shot with the new GoPro Hero cam HD. I think that the Scuderia needs to pick one up for next year's track season. Enjoy!

Jenson signs with McLaren - Six Million Pounds for Car #1

It's funny how much McLaren is willing to pay for a #1 and #2 on their cars in 2010. Everyone's best guess is about 6 Million Pounds per year. Too bad that between Jenson and Lewis they only tend to win races in the beginning of the season (when they have the technical edge) as opposed to the end of the season. What do you think? Is this pairing the next Prost/Senna or is it Alonso/Piquet?

Car Porn Deluxe-"Balls of Steel"edition - Lotus Elise Racing

I'm often impressed with how close the competition is within a spec racing series. Similar cars and driver skill levels keep the racing close and the cars stacked up. This short clip of spec-Elise racing action shows what it takes to get to the front of the field, when everyone shows up with the same car. I think that the short-answer here is "balls of steel". Enjoy!

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Top Gear Season 14 - Convertible Supercars Driven - James May Crashes a Lambo in Romania

Season 14 Episode 1. Enjoy!

UPDATE - Part 6 Restored!

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

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Car Porn Deluxe - "Fast guy in a Fast car" edition - Mike Skeen in a 996

So we've seen Mike Skeen in Spec e30's, regular e30 325's and Pontiac Solstices giving clinics to other drivers on the fastest way around the track. This time Mike shows us (and the car's owner) what this 996 car do around CMP. Enjoy!

BMW M3 GTS - Part 2 - In Motion

Starting to want one...

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BMW M3 GTS - Quick teaser video

From BMW

2010 BMW M3 GTS - The Perfect BMW track car if you have 115,000euro and don't live in the USA.

Confirming months of rumors and photographic evidence, BMW M GmbH has released photos and details of it's newest M model the 2010 BMW M3 GTS. Adding racing hardware and lightness to the current M3 chassis, the track-ready M3 GTS should be better able to keep up with more serious hardware on a racetrack, including BMW's obvios bogey, the Porsche GT3 Clubsport.

Unfortunately, there are no current plans to bring this car to the US, and based on BMW's past history around limited production models, (M3 CSL) I would say that it's a pretty safe bet that the only place a US citizen will see one in the United States is in a magazine.


With the BMW M3 GTS, BMW M GmbH now offers a truly outstanding performer based on the BMW M3 Coupé also ideal for Clubsport events - exactly the right car for the truly discerning customer demanding the very utmost in terms of power and performance. The BMW M3 GTS is largely hand-built by the most skilled craftsmen at BMW M GmbH as a perfectly harmonised package of outstanding modifications, with production exclusively to the customer's personal order. Focused on motorsport, the modifications comprise both the drivetrain, the suspension and the body of the car, as well as its interior. Market launch of the BMW M3 GTS will be in spring 2010.

Offering this truly exclusive model for the genuine motorsport enthusiast, BMW M GmbH is continuing a great tradition introduced on former generations of the BMW M3. Once again, the outstanding sports potential of the BMW M3 is being consistently enhanced and upgraded to an even higher level, the customer benefiting from the Company's wide range of know-how in the development and production of racing cars. Through its race-oriented modifications enhancing both performance and safety, the BMW M3 GTS is ready to go in Clubsport events on the track and comes with the option for homologation on the road. So that the driver is able to make his way to the race track in the very same car he will use for racing.

Consistent lightweight construction, adjustable aerodynamic units, an increase in engine size and output on the V8 high-speed power unit and suspension technology meeting all the requirements of motorsport - all this gives the BMW M3 GTS a top position among high-performance cars built for Clubsport racing. Unladen weight according to the DIN standard is less than 1,500 kg (3,300 lb), the lightweight body comes with special mounts for six-point seat belts and a rollcage fitted behind the B-pillar.

Through its design and construction, the materials used and its special equipment, the BMW M3 GTS is a lightweight performer all the way, offering a genuine motorsport driving experience in every respect. In addition to the carbon fibre roof already featured as standard on the BMW M3, weight is consistently optimised by features such as silencers made of titanium, the extra-light centre console and door linings, the omission of rear seats, automatic air conditioning and an audio system, as well as sound insulation tailored specifically to this very special model.

V8 high-speed power unit: derived from motorsport, optimised for motorsport.

The eight-cylinder power unit of the BMW M3 GTS enlarged in size to 4.4 litres and boosted in output to some 450 hp boasts construction principles and technical details carried over directly from motorsport. A supreme surge of ongoing power throughout a wide range of engine speed characterises the outstanding performance of the V8 with its high-speed concept. The features typical of a motorsport engine include the crankcase made of a special aluminium-silicon alloy and constructed in bedplate design, individual throttle butterflies, anti-knock sensors with ion flow technology, and, wet sump oil supply optimised for supreme driving dynamics.

Seven-speed M DKG Drivelogic with race-bred gearshift.

Power is transmitted in the BMW M3 GTS by the M double-clutch gearbox with Drivelogic also available as an option on the regular production model. This seven-speed M DKG Drivelogic gearbox follows a principle also developed for motorsport, shifting gears without the slightest interruption of engine power. The transmission was developed specifically for a particularly powerful high-speed engine and offers ideal qualities for truly dynamic acceleration at all times. The gearshift characteristics on the seven-speed M DKG Drivelogic have been tailored specifically to the modified power unit of the BMW M3 GTS and the driver is able to shift gears both through the selector lever on the centre console and through special M shift paddles on the steering wheel.

High-performance suspension with purpose-built brakes.

To convey the supreme power of the engine to the road in equally supreme style even under the most extreme conditions, the BMW M3 GTS comes with suspension technology likewise derived from the highest realms of motorsport. While the suspension is based on the front and rear axle of the BMW M3 Coupé, the rear axle subframe is bolted firmly in position and the suspension features adjustment threads on the dampers for individual variation of the inbound and rebound strokes.

The high-performance brake system of the BMW M3 GTS features fixed callipers with six pistons up front and four pistons on the rear wheels. The race-oriented set-up of DSC Dynamic Stability Control naturally considers the supreme dynamic potential of the BMW M3 GTS. Different-sized tyres front and rear running on 19-inch M light-alloy Competition rims in double-spoke design ensure optimum transmission of acceleration and brake forces to the road.

Aerodynamics: optimised components with variable geometry.

To optimise the flow of air and adjust the car's downforce as required, the BMW M3 GTS comes with a race-oriented front air dam and rear wing. This allows appropriate adjustment of the car's aerodynamic qualities in motorsport and for other purposes, tailored to the specific profile of the respective track. The air guidance units on the front air dam, for example, may be varied in their geometry, just like the position of the rear wing based on the wing already featured on the BMW 320si raced in the WTCC World Touring Car Championship.

Exterior features such as the BMW kidney grille and the gills at the side finished in chrome on the regular BMW M3 come in special dark eloxy-plated chrome on the BMW M3 GTS.

Special interior for supreme performance and safety.

The interior of the BMW M3 GTS clearly reflects the focus on supreme performance and safety on the race track. The interior features include classic bucket seats, interior trim in carbon and an M steering wheel finished in alcantara. The door and side panels at the rear also come in alcantara, while six-point seat belts delivered with the car for subsequent use, a fire extinguisher and preparation for an emergency-off switch in motorsport round off the wide range of special features inside the car.

Car Porn Deluxe- "Double Special Edition" Edition - New Porsche Boxster Spyder

Calling this latest Porsche special edition the Boxster Spyder, feels a little like when VW came out with the Cabrio Convertible, but like most things manufactured in Austria and marketed by Stuttgart, I'm sure they'll sell a bunch of them. Dentists need cars too ya know!

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Least surprising newsflash ever- Toyota leaves F1 !

In one of the most predictable news stories of the racing year, Toyota has announced that they are departing the F1 scene in 2009. After spending $400M a year without a win,Toyota has decided to stop lining Bernie's pockets with gold on what is becoming the most boring, controversy laden spec series in the world. Bon Vonyage Toyota.