Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Car Porn Deluxe- Turner Motorsport's M6- Journey to 24

The news of Turner's move into the GT class and entry in the Daytona 24 has not only captured the attention of BMW racing fans worldwide, but also documentary filmmaking company Veloz Media, who is producing a behind-the-scenes Web TV series to chronicle the team's tremendous efforts and journey to the 24 hour race. This video production will provide a behind-closed-doors experience of preparing for and making it through this race of endurance and perseverance. A "teaser" video has been posted on the web and can be viewed at

Highlights from the 1983 Trans-Am Race at Road America

Those were the days...a field of 50 cars, going at it with hammer and tongs around the beautiful kettle moraine countryside. Plus a grid with David Hobbs, Paul Newman, and who could forget Willy T. Ribbs. Enjoy!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Greetings from Snowy Florida - Turner Motorsports BMW M6 winter testing at Daytona

With the cold snap that was gripping the USA the teams in Daytona were greeted by morning temps around the freezing mark, but as you can see below the Turner Motorsports Team (pictured at left) didn't let cold concrete and cold tires stop them from flying around the banking at Daytona.
(pic via Veloz Media)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

2010 Midwest / Great Lakes HPDE Schedule

The cold days and snow are starting to drag me down, so I thought it might be best to start thinking about, and planning for, the warmer days ahead. (Hopefully dry and warm days ahead)

So to that end I starting compiling a master schedule of Mid-Western/Great Lakes HPDE's for 2010. Looking forward to seeing you at the track in 2010 and don't forget to check out the rest of ScuderiaAsinoGrigio.


Image via (Road America on Facebook)

April 3-4 - Gingerman - Gingerman Open Track Weekend

April 9-11 - Mid-Ohio- NASA GL

April 10 - Gingerman.- 3BallsRacing

April 10-11 - Putnam Park- MVP Tracktime

April 17-18 – Gateway International - NASA

May 1-2 – Autobahn CC - Windy City BMW

May 15-16 - Putnam Park - NASA

May 15-16 – Autobahn CC - Northwoods Region Shelby Club

May 22-23 – Brainerd International - NASA

May 22-23 - Autobahn CC - TrackDaze

June 7- Autobahn Country Club (FULL 3.56 mile track) MVP Tracktime

June 12-13 - Blackhawk Farms - NASA

June 14 - Blackhawk Farms - Badger Bimmers

June 26-27 – Gingerman - Windy City BMW

July 2-4 - Gingerman - SEMPCA

July 12 - Blackhawk Farms - Badger Bimmers

July 12-13 - Road America - PCA Nord Stern DE

July 17, 18 - Autobahn Country Club- NASA

July 23-25 - Mid-Ohio- NASA GL

August 9- Autobahn Country Club (FULL 3.56 mile track) MVP Tracktime

August 13-15 - Mid-Ohio- NASA GL

August 21-22 – Putnam Park- NASA

August 23-28 - Road America - BMWCCA Octoberfest - Badger Bimmers

August 28-29 - Calabogie- 3BallsRacing

September 3-5 - Road America - PCA-Chicago TRAC

September 11-12 - Autobahn CC - NASA

September 18-19 – Eagles Canyon TX MVP Tracktime

September 26-27 - Putnam Park - Windy City BMW

October 1-3 - Road America - BMW Octoberfast- Badger Bimmers

October 9-10- Putnam Park- NASA

October 16-17 -Road America - MVP Tracktime

November 20-21 –Road Atlanta - MVP Tracktime